Frequently Asked Questions

What type of care does Victoria By The Park provide?

Victoria By The Park is a residential aged care facility (also known as a nursing home or hostel). We provide permanent and respite (short-term) care in fully furnished private and couple suites. Victoria By The Park is not a retirement village.

Residential aged care is regulated and partly funded by the Australian Government for people who are unable to continue living independently at home. Unlike retirement villages, Victoria By The Park has the approval of the Australian Government to care for you, by ensuring that you have the care that you need, providing assistance with daily tasks, assisting with personal care, and the provision of 24 hour a day nursing care.

Does Victoria By The Park offer respite (short-term) care?

Yes. Victoria By The Park provides respite care on both a short and long-term basis. The Australian Government can approve up to 63 days per financial year for respite care. This can be taken all at once or over several stays. You must receive an ACAT to be eligible for respite care.

What is an ACAT and how does it work?

An ACAT is an approval to receive subsidised aged care and it is issued by an Aged Care Assessment Team. You need to be assessed and issued with an ACAT prior to your entry into residential aged care.

You can find your local Aged Care Assessment Team by calling 1800 200 442 or by contacting your GP.

What are the fees and charges?

Care recipients pay a daily Basic Fee, Means Tested Care Fee (as assessed by Centrelink) and Extra Service Fee.  An Accommodation Payment is also payable and is discussed below. For more information, please contact us by using the enquiry form on this website, calling (03) 9524 2111 or sending an email to fm@vicbypark.com.au. You can also visit the Australian Government website for more information at  www.myagedcare.com.au.

What is an Accommodation Payment?

Care recipients pay an Accommodation Payment in addition to the daily fees. The amount of the Accommodation Payment will vary depending on the size and location of the suite within Victoria By The Park. Our Accommodation Payments start at $613,606 for a Courtyard Single Apartment. We also offer a range of other apartments. Residents can choose to pay the Accommodation Payment as a refundable deposit, a daily payment, or a combination of both. A Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) is paid as a lump sum amount. A Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) accrues daily and is paid monthly together with the daily fees. A combination payment includes both a partial lump sum and daily payments.

The balance of the Accommodation Payment is refunded to you when you leave the facility less any permitted deductions. You can download the Accommodation Payment and Key Features Statement, which describes features and costs of each room type by clicking here.

Is my Refundable Accommodation Deposit guaranteed by the Australian Government?

Yes. The Australian Government guarantees the repayment of all Refundable Accommodation Deposits. The Aged Care Act 1997 (Cth) requires approved providers to adhere to strict regulations, known as the Prudential Standards, in relation to the management of Refundable Accommodation Deposits.

What is Extra Service Status?

Extra Service is the provision of ‘hotel’ like services or lifestyle extras, including higher standards of accommodation, increased activities, food choices and entertainment. Victoria By The Park has been approved by the Australian Government as an Extra Service Status facility.

My doctor will not visit Victoria By The Park. Does Victoria By The Park have a list of doctors in the local area that can take on new patients?

Yes. If your doctor can no longer visit you when you move, Victoria By The Park can assist you in the selection of a new doctor from our list of doctors in the local area. You should ask to have your medical history sent to your new doctor. It is also a good idea to document your current medical treatments and medication to discuss with Victoria By The Park in the development of your care plan.

For more information please contact reception by using the enquiry form on this website, calling (03) 9524 2111 or sending an email to fm@vicbypark.com.au.

Where can I get financial assistance in relation to aged care?

We do not endorse any particular advisor. Listed below are the details of some advisors for your consideration should you require aged care financial planning and advice:

Joseph Palmer & Sons

Phone: (03) 9601 6847

Website: www.jpalmer.com.au/Services/Aged-Care

Later Life Advice

Contact: Brendan Ryan

Phone: 1300 557 825
Email: brendan@laterlifeadvice.com.au
Website: www.laterlifeadvice.com.au

Aged Care Financial Services:

Phone: 1800 243 322
Website: www.agedcarefinancialservices.com.au

Lifetime Planning

Contact: Sue Woodruff
Phone: 1300 781 586
Email: info@lifetimeplanning.com.au
Website: http://lifetimeplanning.com.au/

Can I visit Victoria By The Park and view the suites and facilities?

Yes. Potential care recipients and their family are warmly invited to attend Victoria By The Park for a private tour. We recommend that a tour is undertaken to best appreciate the many facilities and services that Victoria By The Park offers.

Please contact reception by using the enquiry form on this website, calling (03) 9524 2111 or sending an email to fm@vicbypark.com.au to arrange a suitable time for your private tour.

Who is Dr Shane Moran?

Dr Shane Moran is the owner of Victoria By The Park. Having been Chief Executive Officer of the family-owned Moran Health Care Group for some 15 years, Dr Moran in 2001 established his own health and aged care organisation, Provectus Care Pty Ltd, to realise his vision for the creation of boutique aged care services.

Victoria By The Park is the product of Dr Moran’s vision for a luxury residential aged care facility in Melbourne. By combining superior care and services with the highest standard of accommodation, Dr Moran has embraced a future for residential aged care that significantly departs from the aged care of the past.

Please click here for more information about Dr Moran.

I want to work at Victoria By The Park. How do I take the next step?

The primary role of an Aged Care Worker is to support elderly or frail people to improve the quality of their life and support independence for as long as possible. Victoria By The Park looks for people with a personable and empathetic approach to giving care, an interest in working with the elder community and an interest in furthering their career development with Victoria By The Park and the aged care industry.

For more information, please contact us by using the enquiry form on this website, calling (03) 9524 2111 or sending an email to fm@vicbypark.com.au.